B301 Greystone RV Induction Cooktop

PN: B301

RV Compatibility:

Induction cooktop utilizes 7 heat levels and 13 temperature settings so you can cook a wide range of dishes in your RV. Safety features include automatic shut-off, child lock, and hot surface indicator. Compatible skillet, lid, and tongs included.

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  • Induction cooktop has 1 burner for cooking on the go
  • Stainless steel skillet with lid and tongs included
  • Multiple heat and temperature settings give you lots of cooking options
  • 7 Heat levels range from 100 watts to 1,300 watts
  • 13 Temperature control settings range from 100 F to 390 F
  • Auto-pan detection distributes heat to the surface covered only by the diameter of the cookware
  • Safety features help keep you, your family, and your RV safe
  • Automatic shut-off function turns off the cooktop after 2 hours of continuous use
  • Hot surface indicator light lets you know when the burner is on
  • Child lock keeps anyone from accidentally activating the cooktop
  • Control panel with LED display shows settings, function, and error information
  • Construction resists vibration and extreme climate changes
  • Ceramic black glass surface provides easy cleaning
  • Tabletop mount with 4 rubber feet or flush mount with included instructions
  • ETL listed


  • Overall: 11-3/4" wide x 2-1/4" tall x 15" deep
  • Flush mount: 10-3/4" wide x 14-3/16" deep
  • Burner: 10" diameter
  • Exhaust opening: 3/16"
  • Electric supply: 120V AC at 60 Hz
  • Total connected load: 1,800 watts
  • Temperature range: 100 F to 390 F
  • Weight: 10.5 lbs

Greystone's single-induction cooktop delivers maximum performance and efficiency on your RV travels. Designed to be used inside your RV, you can either mount it into the counter so the surface is flush with the countertop, or you can use the included feet to place the cooktop on any flat surface. This helps conserve counter space and lets you store the cooktop when not in use.

Safety Features

Greystone builds safety features into their induction cooktops to protect you and your family. These features include the child safety lock, the auto shut-off function, and the hot surface indicator, all designed to maximize safety as well as efficiency.

The child safety lock prevents accidental use or activation. When you press the up and down arrow buttons at the same time, the cooktop will lock, allowing you to use the power button only. The indicator light will come on when the cooktop is locked. Pressing the up and down arrow buttons again will unlock the cooktop and the indicator light will go off.

The auto shut-off feature ensures that even if the cooktop is accidentally left on, it will only remain activated for 2 hours, and then will automatically shut down. The only exception is if you program the timer for longer than 2 hours, after which the cooktop will shut off in case you forget to power it down.

Since induction doesn't actually heat up the cooktop surface, there isn't a way to know if the burner is on unless an induction-compatible pot is placed on top. Because of this, Greystone has added lights to the burners, which illuminate when you adjust the heat settings. This gives you the visual impression of heat, even though you can't feel it if you place your hand on the glass surface.

Compatible Cookware and Accessories

Induction cooktops can only operate well with certain types of cookware. Magnetic pots and pans are the best option for induction cooking. If you are unsure if your cookware is magnetic, place a magnet on the bottom of the pot or pan and if it sticks, that cookware will work with your induction cooktop.

A stainless steel skillet is included with the cooktop, perfect for cooking with induction. The accompanying lid and tongs complete the set.

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