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Get answers to FAQs (frequently asked questions) on Maxvan products and services.


Wheelchair Accessible RV

252-inches (21’)

Measurement does not include accessories. Based on the RAM ProMaster® 3500 Cargo Van High Roof 159WB EXT. The “EXT.” provides and 14-inches of length over the non-EXT. model. This translates to more interior space without effecting the turning radius.

88-inches (7’-4”)

This measurement includes the 8-inch cabin expansion on the driver side of the motorhome. The 8-inch cabin expansion is a key design element providing a wider area for wheelchair users to turn a full 360-degrees while inside the motorhome. The extra width also provides passengers enough room to walk between the foot of the bed and the wall.

117-inches (9’-9”)

Measured from the ground to the top of the roof mounted AC unit. 10-feet minimum underpass clearance.

76-inches (6’-4”)

Measured in the middle of the isle. Based on the RAM ProMaster® 3500 Cargo Van High Roof 159WB EXT. The “High Roof” provides and 10.6-inches of interior height over the non-high roof model. This translates to more interior height to freely move about inside.


Conversion refers to the modifications made to the base vehicle.


The factory floor design in the cockpit area does not provide enough room for a wheelchair to be placed in either driver or passenger positions.


A countertop microwave can be added but can only be used when the motorhome is being supplied power by either the generator and or shore power.

2.7-cubic inches

Manufactured by NORCOLD®, the best 12V refrigerators on the market. The refrigerator can run powered by the two onboard 12-volt AGM batteries.


Due to the rear boarding ramp, a trailer hitch receiver cannot be added to this motorhome.

MV 2.0 Series

Pathway | Route | Access

maxvan version two rear door ladder roof rack awning optional features

58.5-inches by 76-inches

Considered an “RV Short Queen” size.

20.5-inches (1’-8.5”)

Measured from the top of the seat to the floor – which exceeds ADA requirements – for an easier transition from a wheelchair to the toilet and vice versa.

Cassette toilets utilize a waste cartridge removed via an exterior access door. The removeable cassette provides flexible methods for emptying waste, such as toilets or campground dumping stations.


A gauge on the toilet will display an alert when the tank is full. Dumping the cassette is straight forward, detailed instructions on the process are included with the motorhome.

Note: As with all recreational vehicle toilets, special toilet paper is recommended to prevent the tank from becoming clogged by conventional toilet paper.

The cassette toilet is well sealed and does not emit odors when flushed properly. Additionally, the bowl is made of porcelain which resists odors and stains better than plastic bowls.

The generator is located underneath the vehicle and is fueled using the vehicle’s fuel source.


The RAM ProMaster® fuel tank was designed to accommodate auxiliary fuel accessories. A special fuel line prevents these accessories from draining the tank.

A door for servicing the generator’s oil is accessible without having to remove the generator. Please refer to the owner’s manual for detailed maintenance procedures.

Note: Newer models of generators are more efficient and require less maintenance overall compared to previous models.


Meeting National Park Service sound level requirements (60 dB(A) @ 50-feet) for use in national parks. The 2800-watt Onan® RV QG Gasoline Powered Generator is whisper quiet and is easily turned on and off via a panel switch located inside the motorhome.


The generator can be used while the vehicle is running and in motion.  

The Onan / Cummings 2.8-kilowatts generator produces 2,800-watts of output. Which is roughly equivalent to the output of a 30-amp power source.

AGM: Absorbed Glass Material

Used as an alternative to acid filled batteries, the materials used in AGM batteries are more stable – which reduces battery maintenance and provides increased charging capability. “Maintenance free” is the term used to describe AGM batteries. Each of the six cells in the battery produces 2-volts for a total output of 12-volts.


The motorhome has an exterior receptacle for a 30-amp power source.


A one-burner cooktop fueled by either propane or butane gas is provided. The portable cooktop can be used indoors and outdoors. Additionally, the motorhome is equipped to use an induction style cooktop if preferred.


The passenger seat swivels 360-degrees as a standard feature.


The driver seat does not swivel.

28-inches (2’-4”)

Measured from the passenger seat bottom cushion to the floor of the coach.


There is a 3-gallon water heater onboard. The water is heated with electric power or the vehicle’s engine heat.

On-demand hot water systems heat the water by using heat from the vehicle’s engine to provide “on-demand” hot water. When the engine is no longer running, electric power can be used to heat the water.


An electric water pump provides water pressure when the RV is not connected into city water that provides natural water pressure.

Disclaimers & Disclosures

1. Prices

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2. Base Vehicle Options

Conversions only compatible with listed chassis models. Conversions can not and will not fit or be made to fit on any other vehicles or models.