Sales Introduction

I’d like to introduce you to the MaxVan Comfort Coach, a new product from a custom vehicle manufacturer based right here in the Atlanta Metro area. No flash in the pan, MaxVan’s parent division has nearly 20 years experience converting Chrysler minivans to handicapped-accessible vehicles for private individuals and taxi fleets. We are ready to market this dramatic new vehicle which promises to revolutionize the corporate transportation market.

What makes the MaxVan Comfort Coach different? Simply, it has been designed from the ground-up to target your customers’ needs:

Comfort is certainly a top priority of your clients. The MaxVan Comfort Coach features an industry leading 6”4” stand-up interior with only a 16” step-up. Each of 4 passengers has their own wide, separate, first-class seating, with individual armrests and spacious knee room.  A separate rear climate control system insures a comfortable work or rest environment, and the passenger cabin is densely insulated for a quiet and relaxing trip no matter the outside conditions.

Convenience is always appreciated. Each seating position has its own cupholder, USB charging port, and AC outlet. All passengers have access to high-speed in-cabin WiFi. A convenient luggage rack is offered at the entry door and can be accessed while the vehicle is in motion. Side windows can be shuttered or even opened to screens if desired. With only one low step and a broad 28” center aisle all passengers will find the seats easy to get in and out of, especially female executives in skirts .

Safety should be a consideration.  The MaxVan Comfort Coach is one of a very few large vehicles that offer Head Curtain airbag protection for all occupants (plus standard front and side airbags for the driver). Importantly, the Comfort Coach has been crash-tested to the most stringent federal standards, far exceeding the integrity of competing vehicles based on commercial-use chassis’. And its low step-in and convenient handrails significantly reduce the chance of a slip-and-fall injury. For less ambulatory passengers, an optional 32” wide ramp is also available.

But the MaxVan Comfort Coach can also increase your bottom line!

Less Expense. The vehicle runs on regular gas and gets about 20MPG! The tires and wheels are standard 17” and wear very well with a vehicle weight of only about 4500 lbs. There’s no need for special servicing and you don’t have to worry about finding diesel fuel or its mandatory additive. And you will especially like the price: as little as half of what you might otherwise spend!

Ease of Operation. No special licensing or registration is required: the MaxVan Comfort Coach is treated as a standard minivan by law and drives like one. Your drivers will find it easy to maneuver and park.

Distinction. The MaxVan Comfort Coach’s uniqueness can increase your competitive edge. When your clients become familiar with its benefits, they will ask for it. Will your agency get the call?

If you think it would be an advantage to Carey Limousines to get in on the ground floor of this development, potentially with a market area exclusive, contact me to arrange a hands-on introduction to the MaxVan Comfort Coach at your corporate office. We won’t waste your time; you will know immediately if this is for you.